Purchase Orders and Invoices

Supplier arrangements

Please note the following important information to ensure your invoices are paid and processed on time. 

  • ABN: All Australian suppliers are required to have an ABN. 

  • Purchase orders: TransGrid supplies purchase order (PO) numbers for all supplier agreements. Unless stated in the contract we have with you, all POs are subject to our Conditions of Order

  • Invoices: Invoices will only be processed and paid if a relevant PO number is quoted on the tax invoice in accordance with TransGrid's 'no PO, no pay' policy. We prefer to receive invoices through the SAP Ariba® network. 

  • Contracts: For requirements over a certain value or complexity, a contract needs to be established before TransGrid can purchase goods and/or services. 

Register on the Ariba Network 

TransGrid has moved to a new automated procurement management platform called ibuy, using SAP Ariba®. 

Moving to the Ariba Network means we can promote preferred supplier arrangements and automate previously manual transactions such as invoicing and payments. This solution will enable suppliers to collaborate with us on contracts, improve accuracy and efficiency, whilst enabling faster invoice and payment processing.

All suppliers must be registered on the Ariba Network before entering into a trading relationship with TransGrid. 

If you do not have an Ariba Network account

Please register online for your free standard account. This will enable you to conduct business with TransGrid electronically.

If you already have an Ariba Network account

Please provide TransGrid with your current Ariba Network identification (ANID) details by emailing ibuysuppliers@transgrid.com.au 

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