Community Partnership Program Process

Frequently asked questions

  • Is my community group / organisation able to apply for Community Partnerships Program funding?

    ​We accept applications from community groups or organisations which are within the selected local government area(s) for the year.  
    We accept applications from:

    • Not for profits organisations
    • Community groups
    • Public schools

    We are unable to accept applications from:

    • For profit organisations or activities 
    • Government entities
    • Trusts or philanthropic organisations (to fund their general objectives)


  • What projects are eligible to apply for funding?

    ​We are looking to fund projects or activities that provide a lasting benefit to the local community where our assets are located, being built or upgraded.

    Click here to see the wide variety of projects we have supported.

  • What projects are not eligible to apply for funding?

    ​We are unable to fund projects which are:

    • Outside of New South Wales
    • Individuals
    • General maintenance or overhead expenses (unless part of a specific project)
    • Associated with travel, study or conferences (unless incidental to a project being funded)
    • Of a religious, political or sectarian purpose
    • Areas considered to be the direct responsibility of government (local, state or federal)
    • Endowments, memorials or named academic chairs
    • Retrospective costs
    • General fundraising appeals
    • That require ongoing funding from us.
  • How do I apply?

    ​Applying is easy!

    First, verify if your area is currently open for applications.

    Download, complete and submit a copy of the application form.

    Please return your completed form by the closing date to the following:

    Address: TransGrid Community Partnerships Program
    ATTN: Community Engagement Manager

    PO Box A1000 Sydney South NSW 1235
    Or via email

    Before applying, please be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with our program.

  • What do I have to include in my application?

    ​In your application, please:

    • Tell us about your project
    • The long term benefits of your project to the community 
    • How we can become more involved with your organisation and project
    • How much funding your project is estimated to cost (including quotes if possible)
    • How your project and the funding will be managed
    • How your project will improve and/or promote:
      • Public safety
      • Public wellbeing
      • Health
      • Education
      • The environment

    You will also need to include:

    • Your organisation’s contact information
    • Your Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • How you found out about our Community Partnerships Program  
  • What will make my application stand out?

    ​Your application will stand out if your project aims to improve or promote at least one of the following

    • Public safety or welling,
    • Health
    • Education
    • The environment
  • How much funding is available?

    ​As a guide, we usually provide funding that is up to $5,000 to each successful applicant. 

    Funding from our program may be awarded to one community projects or shared across a number of projects from each of the selected locations for the year.

  • Can I apply more than once?


    You can make more than one application if you are hoping to gain funding for several projects. We will assess each of your applications individually.

  • When will I hear back from about my application?

    ​We will be in contact with you about the outcome of your application within four weeks from the application closing date.

  • My application was successful, what now?


    You will shortly receive a letter which outlines the ‘Terms or Conditions of Funding’ on the amount your organisation has received funding for.

    Once you receive the letter, please return a signed copy to us within three week. 

    We will then arrange a cheque for the funding.

  • What are the terms and conditions of the funding?

    ​Please read the Terms and Conditions of funding.

  • How can I find out more about the Program?

    ​Our Community Engagement team can answer any questions you have about our Program.

    They can be reached on 1800 222 537 or 

    via email on

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