Aerial Patrols

Inspecting our transmission network

Every year, specialist helicopter patrols check more than 13,000 kilometres of transmission lines and infrastructure across our state-wide network. These annual inspections are an important part of our comprehensive maintenance program, and ensure the transmission network is safe for our staff and the community. 

The patrols check for vegetation encroachments along transmission line easements,  identify potential bushfire risks and assess the condition of TransGrid towers and transmission lines. 

2021 patrol period

In 2021 we will be flying  across the network between May and July. 

The helicopter will fly low near transmission lines at about 50 kilometres per hour and may startle livestock in rural areas so property owners may want to consider securing animals during the patrols. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we carry out these critical inspections.

You can zoom in click on the coloured regions on the map below to find out where we are flying – the information will appear beneath the map.

​2021 General Flight Schedule

The flight schedule is subject to change. 
  • New England
  • Northern Rivers 
  • Mid North Coast

​3-24 May
  • ​Central Tablelands 
  • Central West

18-30 May
  • ACT
  • NSW Southern Tablelands

1 June – 30 July
  • ​Riverina 
  • Outback NSW

1 June – 30 July
  • ​Mid North Coast
  • Newcastle
  • Hunter 
  • Central Coast

1-10 July
  • ​Greater Sydney 
  • South Coast

7-20 July