Living and working with transmission lines

We all rely on electricity to power our homes and businesses, however coming into contact with high voltage electricity can cause serious injury or death.

To protect your safety and provide a safe, reliable network, TransGrid has easements over its transmission lines, which restrict the activities that can be carried out. Easements are also “rights of way”, which allow our staff and contractors access to construct, operate and maintain TransGrid’s infrastructure.

High voltage transmission lines have different safety risks from urban powerlines, and this is why TransGrid encourages the principle of "prudent avoidance". When planning houses, schools, sensitive land uses and other types of development, proximity to existing or planned high voltage transmission lines should always be considered.

Where transmission line easements cannot be avoided, open space uses that do not encourage people to congregate under the transmission lines or close to electricity infrastructure should be given preference over other land uses, such as residential or commercial.

TransGrid has developed the Easement Guidelines to assist you to work out what you can and can't do within TransGrid easements.

You can make an enquiry or apply for TransGrid's permission to carry out an activity within a TransGrid easement via our Easement Enquiries Portal.

  • Working near powerlines

    The planning and undertaking of work activities near overhead lines in:

    > NSW must be performed as per the SafeWork NSW ‘Work Near Overhead Power Lines Code of Practice (2006)’ available on the Safe Work NSW website, which defines what is work near power lines, outlines the safe approach distances and safety information. If you are planning work near an overhead line in NSW, please ensure you consult this Code of Practice (2006) to understand and satisfy your obligations to perform work safely.

    > ACT must be performed as per the Safe Work Australia ‘General Guide For Working In The Vicinity Of Overhead And Underground Electric Lines’ available on the Safe Work Australia website and the requirements of the Utility Networks (Public Safety) Regulation 2001 (ACT). If you determine there is a risk of coming within 4m of one of our 132kV lines or 6m of one of our 330kV lines you must contact us for advice through the advice request.

    > Victoria must be performed as per Energy Safe Victoria guidance ‘No Go Zones and working around powerlines’ located on the ESV website.

    If under the guidance above your risk assessment determines you need to contact us please complete this form and submit it to for a response to you safety advice/inquiry. We will aim to provide a response within 5 working days. 

    If you are seeking permission to build on our easement, please head to Easement Enquiries Portal.

  • What are the Easement Guidelines?

    TransGrid's Easement Guidelines set out: 

    • how to find out whether your proposal is within a TransGrid easement;

    • what can and can't be done within TransGrid easements;

    • whether your proposed activity or development needs TransGrid's permission; and

    • the process for seeking TransGrid’s permission prior to carrying out your activity or lodging your development application with a consent authority.

    A printable version of the Easement Guidelines is available here.

    Seeking TransGrid’s permission before you lodge your development application will help expedite the development application process by ensuring that your proposal meets TransGrid’s Easement Guidelines.

    If you do not have TransGrid's permission and undertake a development that is inconsistent with the Easement Guidelines, you may be required to remove it or relocate it at your expense.  

    Please note that if you have received TransGrid’s written permission under previous guidelines, this permission remains valid.

  • What if I build something without TransGrid's permission?

    Please contact TransGrid to discuss:

    Phone: (02) 9620 0515

    Email: easements&

  • Relocating or modifying transmission infrastructure

    Some proposals require modifications to existing electricity infrastructure or easements.

    You can make a modification enquiry with TransGrid's Infrastructure team at or find further information on our website here

Fact Sheets and Guidelines:

High Voltage Transmission Line Fact Sheet
Electrical Safety Fact Sheet
Fencing Guidelines
Subdivision and Development Guidelines
Work Near TransGrid Cables Information Brochure
Easement Guidelines

Landholder and Easement Compensation Guidelines
Easement - Lease Transaction Fact Sheet
Guidelines for Payment of Professional Fees

Contact TransGrid

If you are uncertain or require further information regarding works in or around TransGrid easements, please contact us via the Easements Enquiries Portal, or phone: (02) 9620 0515.

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