Royal Botanic Garden Sponsorship

Royal Botanic Garden Sponsorship_PlantBank.jpg

We believe it’s vital to protect and preserve the Australian landscape. 

Our network spans almost 13 000km of NSW and ACT which gives us the opportunity to have a close relationship with the land. Sponsorship of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust’s Australian PlantBank has been a vital part of our environmental commitment since 2010. 

TransGrid sponsorship of the Australian PlantBank science and research facility enables scientists to:

  • Work towards the global target of conserving 75% of NSW threatened plant species, including flora, by 2020
  • Work towards the global target of conserving 25% of the earth’s dry land plant species by 2020
  • Research conservation techniques for challenging rainforest species.
TransGrid sponsorship milestones 
  • 2010: Sponsor of the Australian PlantBank Seed Processing Room construction. PlantBank was subsequently recognised by the Global Seed Conservation Challenge award for Greatest Progress in Seed Conservation.   
  • 2014: Extended support of the Australian PlantBank conservation programs. PlantBank now holds over 5,300 Australian plant species, including 50% of NSW threatened species.  
Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens website to learn more about TransGrid’s support of the Australian PlantBank.