Powering Sydney's Future

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A new transmission cable project from Potts Hill to Alexandria to provide a safe, reliable and affordable electricity supply for Sydney’s CBD and surrounding areas.

Why do we need Powering Sydney's Future?

Sydney’s population and economy are continuing to grow and with it our community’s demand for safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Did you know that parts of the electricity network are over 50 years old? These parts of the network are approaching the end of their serviceable life. Due to their current condition, some of the high voltage cables no longer transport as much electricity as they were originally designed to. That is why we are planning to build an essential 20km underground cable to meet the future electricity needs of Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) and surrounding areas.

What is Powering Sydney’s Future? 

Powering Sydney’s Future is TransGrid’s project name for a new transmission cable from Potts Hill to Alexandria.  Powering Sydney’s Future involves:
  • Installing a 20km 330kV underground cable from TransGrid’s Rookwood Road Substation at Potts Hill to the Beaconsfield West Substation at Alexandria 
  • Upgrading substations at Rookwood Road, Beaconsfield West and Sydney South 
  • To avoid future disruption we are proposing to install additional infrastructure to allow for a second cable at a later stage. 
  • Selecting the preferred project route
    We proposed a preferred cable route in 2017 after examining more than 30 route options. As part of our planning and consultation for the project, we recently identified a new cable route which would lower the construction impacts for local communities. 
    The revised cable route primarily follows local roads and some main roads. You can view and comment on the route here.
  • How will Powering Sydney's Future project be built?
    For most of the route we would dig a trench about 3 metres wide by 1.2 metres deep and then install conduits (pipes) before covering them and temporarily restoring the area. To cross waterways and rail lines, we are proposing to build special cable bridges or drill belowground. Most trenching work will take around two weeks to complete.
  • What work is required?
    The new cable will mainly be installed underground with some cable bridges, or underground drilling, to cross rail lines and waterways. Installing cables occurs in stages: 
    Stage 1 – Installing conduits (pipes) below ground which will house the cables. 
    Stage 2 – Pulling cables through the conduits in sections. 
    Stage 3 – Joining the cable sections together in underground ‘joint bays’.
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  • What are the next steps?
    We are currently developing the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which will be placed on public display in late 2019. TransGrid will be in contact with community members and businesses living or working along the preferred cable route to let them know how they can provide feedback during the EIS exhibition. 

  • Community updates
  • Share your input with us
    We welcome your input so we can best understand how this project might affect the communities along the cable route.  It helps us to better plan the project and minimise our impacts.

    You can visit our online feedback portal to share your thoughts about the project. While the EIS is being finalised, your comments will still be considered, and they will be addressed in a submissions report that will be released after the EIS exhibition.
  • Key dates
    ​Preferred route announcement 
    ​Mid 2017
    ​Commence Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) planning and development
    ​​Late 2017
    ​Stakeholder and community engagement to assist EIS development
    ​​Revised route announcement
    ​Mid 2019
    ​Further stakeholder and community engagement to assist EIS development
    ​Mid – Late 2019
    ​EIS placed on public exhibition for stakeholder and community feedback
    ​Late 2019
    ​​Project approval decision
    ​Mid 2020
    ​2020 – 2022

  • Contact us

    Toll-free phone number: 1800 222 537

    Email:  psf@transgrid.com.au