Office of the Landowner and Community Advocate

The Office of the Landowner and Community Advocate has been established within TransGrid to help us implement the best possible landowner and community engagement practices across all of our major transmission projects.

The function is led by former NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading Rod Stowe who is highly regarded by the community and has extensive experience protecting consumers. 

The office will work to balance the interests of landowners and communities with TransGrid’s critical role to deliver an energy system for the future.

Mr Stowe’s knowledge and experience will be key as increased demand for electricity and the transition to new energy sources drive our need to build major new transmission lines to transport energy across many areas of regional NSW.

He will be the pre-eminent source of advice to TransGrid’s Chair, CEO and Executive and Board on all aspects of best practice community engagement and stakeholder consultation. 

About Rod Stowe

Rod Stowe has been an avid campaigner for consumer rights during his 41 years in the NSW public sector, working in areas across the State Pollution Control Board, the Department of Education and Local Government and the State Superannuation Board before joining the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs in 1989.

As the state-wide head of Fair Trading's Customer Service Division, Mr Stowe demonstrated an enduring commitment to Fair Trading's comprehensive engagement with regional New South Wales. As Head of Fair Trading’s Policy and Strategy Division he was a leading figure in the development of the Australian Consumer Law and many other national reform projects, including the Consumer Credit Law.  He also led the New South Wales Government’s consumer protection strategy for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.

Mr Stowe was a recipient of the Public Service Medal for services to consumer protection in the 2011 Queens Birthday Honours List and won the CHOICE Consumer Champion Award in 2017.

He was NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading for six years and was a regular media commentator on consumer protection issues.  In this role he oversaw many consumer protection projects, including the NSW Government’s Purchase and Demolition Program for homes containing loose-fill asbestos insulation.

He is the current Chair of the Consumer Advocacy Trust Board, community member of the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW Board, member of the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) Board and a member of the Renewable Energy Sector Board.