It’s time to rebuild Yanco Substation


​TransGrid’s Yanco Substation dates all the way back to 1955 and while it has provided safe, stable and reliable electricity to the surrounding region; the equipment is now approaching the end of its service life and is in need of replacement.

The Yanco Substation is located on the corner of Houghton and Hume Roads and currently supplies Essential Energy’s Narrandera Zone Substation and several council loads.

Construction to replace and update equipment is expected to commence later this month and is aimed to be completed by late 2015.

The project is a major investment into TransGrid’s commitment of a world-class supply of electricity to the region for the present and future.

“The proposed works will be of low impact to the community and will be completed entirely within the TransGrid owned property,” TransGrid Community Relations Manager Laura Stewart said.

“Our engagement continues with local residents, of course, but no works are scheduled to be undertaken outside the property boundary.”

Additionally, access to the site will be via the existing TransGrid property and no neighbouring properties will be disrupted.

In conjunction, TransGrid is also undertaking early planning for the future rebuild of the Uranquinty to Yanco transmission line.

The existing Uranquinty to Yanco transmission line was first built in 1971 and stretches approximately 100 kilometres between TransGrid’s Uranquinty and Yanco Substations.

“TransGrid is committed to working with the community throughout the development of the substation and will provide community updates and information about the project during major milestones,” Ms Stewart confirmed.
TransGrid has been an integral part of delivering electricity to the people of New South Wales (NSW) for more than 60 years.

It owns and operates one of the largest high-voltage transmission networks in Australia, up to 12,800 kilometres of transmission line and more than 90 substations, connecting generators distributors and major end-users in NSW and the ACT and also has links to Queensland and Victoria, facilitating interstate energy trading. Its operations are closely regulated to ensure power system security and TransGrid’s aim is to provide a safe, reliable, efficient and world-class electricity supply from power generators to distributors, which then deliver the electricity to homes across the state.

Further details can be found on the TransGrid website the Facebook page and also Twitter @TransGrid.