TransGrid seeks Expressions of Interest for innovative energy solutions in Sydney’s CBD


TransGrid seeks Expressions of Interest for innovative energy solutions in Sydney’s CBD

TransGrid is driving an innovative approach to electricity supply in the Sydney CBD, calling for solutions that could see businesses modify their energy source and consumption at peak times to reduce the load on the electricity network in the city.

TransGrid is talking to aggregators  and businesses that could shift energy load at peak times, use embedded generation, or other measures and they are calling for more businesses to get involved.

Gerard Reiter, TransGrid's Executive General Manager Asset Management, says TransGrid is calling for Expressions of Interest from businesses in Inner Sydney to form part of their non-network plan.

“We are looking for ideas and interest from businesses and the community in Sydney on how they could manage their demand through new solutions.”

“By taking this approach, we can defer significant capital costs associated with network investment and deliver benefits to consumers through lower transmission prices.”

TransGrid has already had success in the non-network space, contracting 40MW of demand management in the Inner Sydney area during summer 2012/13 for risk mitigation. A non-network solution was also used in the summer of 2008/09 to defer the Western 500kV Project, which was required at the time to improve the delivery of power to the Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong load area.

The work forms part of the Powering Sydney’s Future project, which is looking at the best ways to ensure a reliable future electricity supply for Sydney.

TransGrid’s Inner Sydney network supplies electricity to more than half a million households and businesses. However, parts of the existing TransGrid and Ausgrid network have been identified as approaching the end of their service life.

To ensure the continued safe, reliable and efficient supply of electricity to Inner Sydney, a solution will soon be needed.

TransGrid and Ausgrid recently hosted an industry forum, where more than 100 representatives and experts from a wide range of stakeholder groups discussed the issues and possible solutions. The forum included consumer advocacy groups, academics, government representatives, regulators, large energy users, infrastructure organisations and energy providers and will form the basis of ongoing engagement on this issue.

For further information on TransGrid’s work to develop non-network solutions, or for information on preparing an Expression of Interest, email or call (02) 9284 3354. Expressions of Interest are open until Friday 3 February.

For further information about the Powering Sydney’s Future project, visit