Co-Lo Services 

TransGrid provides co-location services on our towers for customers to install their wireless Telecommunication equipment. Our infrastructure is unique, offering a network of fibre in the sky for backhaul support. The sites include secure buildings or ground space for a shelter/outdoor unit, and typically access to power. Our services include:
  • 37,000+ sites
  • TransGrid manager/operator high voltage NSW/ACT network 
  • Power solutions for rural sites 
  • Co-location on communication towers
  • Co-location on high voltage transmission sites
  • Backhaul
  • Construction and installation 
  • Network solutions 
  • Engineering and project support 

Site Locator Tool

TransGrid Site Locator Tool, provides customers with the location of all TransGrid communication high voltage towers, and information on which sites have backhaul.

In order to access the Site Locator Tool you will need to register with TransGrid to recieve login details. Please send a login request to the Administrator

Contact us

For any colocation enquiries please complete the form below, and you will be contacted by a customer service representative.