Future Demand Management Innovation

As the demand management market in NSW continues to develop, we are committed to finding innovative solutions to expand the range of demand management alternatives available.

As part of our revenue proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), we requested an allowance to continue demand management innovation in the 2014/15 to 2017/18 regulatory control period. In response, the AER allowed $1 million per annum for this purpose.

We are currently planning to use this allowance to target activities in three broad key areas:


to improve consumer understanding of demand management, capture synergies across different industry participants' activities and to reduce regulatory barriers.

Market understanding and development:

to achieve greater understanding of the demand management market in NSW and promote information flows between relevant parties.

Technology trialling:

to overcome practical barriers to the application of demand management tools and technologies both in the market and in integrating demand management into our regular business operations and practices.

Our research and development supports a smarter electricity ecosystem. With a focus on collaboration, trialling new technology and market development, we have contracted leading research bodies to look into changes in electricity use and energy supply patterns in order to help us better understand future energy demands.