iDemand is an electricity demand management system including a battery, solar panels and energy efficient lighting.

iDemand is designed to reduce TransGrid’s electricity use at our Sydney West site by around 20 per cent at times of peak demand.

TransGrid is committed to using demand management to defer or avoid investment in the network where it is feasible and cost-effective to do so. In this way, demand management can deliver benefits to consumers through lower transmission network costs.

iDemand is designed to facilitate research into and commercial development of demand management opportunities in NSW. It was funded under TransGrid’s ‘demand management’ allowance for 2009 to 2014.

This site provides information about the iDemand installation, live status updates and graphs, and the opportunity to download historical iDemand data.

The project was a finalist in the Innovation Award category for the Australian Clean Energy Summit 2015 run by the Clean Energy Council.