Past Projects

Below is a list of completed and deferred projects.



Albury Substation and Hume Fibre Optic ProjectAlbury Substation and Hume Fibre Optic ProjectTransGrid’s Albury substation Secondary Systems Replacement Project and associated Albury to Hume Underground Fibre Optic Project is a major investment in the safe, reliable and efficient supply of electricity to the region.
Far North NSW ProjectFar North NSW ProjectIn the early 2000s the transmission networks supplying the NSW Far North Coast and the Gold Coast area of Queensland were identified as approaching the limits of their capacity.
Western Sydney Supply ProjectWestern Sydney Supply ProjectThe Western Sydney Supply Project is part of TransGrid’s plan to secure Sydney’s power supply for the future.
Cooma to Williamsdale Installation of OPGW Fibre Network ProjectCooma to Williamsdale Installation of OPGW Fibre Network Project​TransGrid has begun early works for the future communication upgrade of the Williamsdale to Cooma Transmission Line.
Mangoola Relocation ProjectMangoola Relocation ProjectThe Mangoola Relocation Project involved the relocation of an existing 500 kV transmission line on Glencore’s Mangoola Mine site and surrounding land.
Cooma Substation RebuildCooma Substation RebuildCooma Substation Rebuild Project involves building a new substation to replace the existing TransGrid substation that has operated for that past 60 years.
Tomago to Stroud Transmission Line ProjectTomago to Stroud Transmission Line ProjectTransGrid’s Tomago to Stroud Transmission Line Project delivers reliable infrastructure to help meet peak electricity demand across the NSW lower Mid North Coast.
Canberra Communications Cable ProjectCanberra Communications Cable ProjectTransGrid owns and operates the main high voltage electricity transmission network in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
Yanco Substation RebuildYanco Substation RebuildThe Yanco substation was commissioned in 1955 and currently provides electricity to Essential Energy's Narrandera Zone Substation and several council operations.
Northern Telecommunications LinkNorthern Telecommunications LinkThe Northern Telecommunications Link Project involved setting up six new telecommunications sites to connect communication systems between two of our assets.