Wallgrove Grid Battery

Innovative solutions for the future grid

Indicative image of Tesla battery pack (provided by Tesla)

Why do we need this project?

TransGrid is trialling the use of a grid-scale battery to provide synthetic inertia and fast frequency response services to help keep the network stable. These network services are becoming increasingly important as more renewable generation joins the grid.

The project has received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA's Advancing Renewables Program and the NSW Government as part of the Emerging Energy Program.

What does the project involve?

A 50MW/75MWh lithium ion battery will be installed at TransGrid’s Wallgrove substation in Western Sydney. It will be connected directly into the transmission network to provide synthetic inertia and fast frequency response services. It will occupy an area of about 115m x 40m within the existing substation land.

Download the Wallgrove Battery fact sheet

What are the project benefits?

Batteries are potentially a much cheaper technical solution to controlling frequency than traditional technologies such as synchronous condensers. Finding lowest-cost ways of providing inertia and fast frequency response services ultimately benefits consumers by putting downward pressure on energy bills.

The trial will provide valuable technical information about the actual operation of the battery, including how often it will be needed for fast frequency response and how much electricity it is able to store and dispatch under different conditions.

Key dates

November 2020 - February 2021
Detailed design work
February 2021
Start of construction
October 2021
Start of battery commercial operations
November 2021
Completion of construction work
Q4 2021-Q4 2023
Testing program