Network Connections

Connect to our network

We connect both load and generation customers to our network across NSW and the ACT. Our connection process adheres to the National Electricity Rules set out by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and consists of three stages:

  1. A connection enquiry starts the formal connection process. Each enquiry is reviewed on an individual basis, taking into account the technical specifications of the proposed connection. To make an enquiry, please email We will respond to your enquiry in accordance with National Electricity Rules.  

  2. On completion of the connection enquiry stage, you can make an application to connect. For this stage of the process, we develop a detailed investigation which leads to an offer to connect. 

  3. A grid connection will take place as outlined in our offer to connect.

View the complete end-to-end connection process including estimated timeframes and costs.  

Connections support

A range of technical specifications, templates and overviews are available to help you understand the connection process and requirements. 

Our Customer Team is also on hand to help you connect to our network or modify an existing connection. For further information, please contact 

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