Telecommunications Services

Discover competitive telecommunication solutions on our national network.

For more than 15 years, TransGrid Telecommunications has successfully delivered services across the east coast of Australia, supported by our unique fibre network. 

Our 4,000+km telecommunications network has grown significantly to become one of the largest fibre optic systems in Australia. Extending from Lismore in NSW to Geelong in Victoria, it provides the backbone for an extensive range of data services.

Through our co-location business, we service customers who choose to install their wireless telecommunication equipment on our towers in metropolitan and regional areas. 

We provide these data and co-location services to wholesale, government, enterprise, energy and renewables customers.

Discover competitive telecommunication solutions 

Our telecommunications infrastructure has been constructed to support our high voltage electricity network, and meets some of the strictest reliability standards in the country. We offer:

  • a unique ‘fibre in the sky’ network, strung above our high-voltage towers, that provides secure and reliable data services to our customers

  • independent and secure telecommunication backhaul services to the key inter-capital and regional routes

  • more than 130 telecommunications towers and 37,000 high voltage transmission towers across Australia 

  • key nbn™ Points of Interconnect (POIs) in NSW/ACT and Victoria 

  • co-location services that enable customers to hire space on our telecommunication towers and provide 24 hour access to highly secure sites

  • a 24/7 service desk using ServiceNow – a digital workflow platform which logs, tracks and reports on the progress of all open enquiries. 

Download our Telecommunication Services brochure to learn more. 

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