Connection Process

Connect to the NSW and ACT transmission network. 

If you're a generator or large electrical load customer, you may be able to connect to TransGrid’s network. To begin the process, initiate a pre-feasibility assessment. Formal connection process_TransGrid.png

  • Pre-feasibility assessment and discussions
    • Early indication of ability to connect
    • High level constraints
    • Process overview
    • Guidance to developers.
  • Connection Enquiry
    • Starts the formal Connection Process
    • TransGrid will respond as per the National Electricity Rules.

  • Application to connect
    • ​Development of detailed investigation leading to an Offer to Connect.
    • Submission of application letter, fee and associated documentations such as:
      • Details of the proposed generation
      • Proposed Generator Performance Standards
      • Network studies and supporting information such as models, data sheets
      • Know Your Customer
      • Property and DA information
      • Any other information to support the application.
    • Network Planning Investigations.
    • Negotiation and acceptance of GPS and associated technical information.
    • Prepare offer to connect based on agreed technical and commercial arrangements.

    Generating System Design Data Sheets and Generating System Setting Data Sheets

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